Run 4G jio sim in 3G phone… Working tricks!

Run 4G jio sim in 3G phone… Working tricks!


how to root android mobile without computer.

now a day jio network is most popular and affordable network in India where everything is free for the users however it has some barricades also that this network only they can use who have 4G mobiles.

but u must aware of this that 4G handset or 4G phone also here 2 type

1 is 4G LTE network supported phone

2 is 4G VoLte network supported phone (most advance network)


all 4G sim although support both types of mobile but when u use no.2 4G VoLte network supported mobile it has edge to provide some advance features like direct VoIP Call send and receive.

normally well we made a call it use the signal band but this type of network convert the bandwidth in to signal with high speed mode and it’s a full high duplex technique to transmit the signal.

ok fine understand in a simple manner. for a simple illustration when u use the without volte 4G phone it will provide u the high speed network experience but u cant made a call over VoIP directly to another mobile no.


but don’t worry for those people , jio have facilities to their customer that you can install an application JioApp from Google play official site. it is a bunch of all jio’s services related apps in this where u can use all the features which Volte network mobile support.

so don’t worry about that.


so lets start with some tricks but before use the this trick be sure not responsible for anything wronged and miss happening with your phone. its all your responsibilities.


so dear friends

as all you know 3G phone not access the signals of jio sim and when you insert the sim in 3G phone its barred and not show any signal and not even show any other network when you search the network in network setting but here we can use some tricks and work on tips in some models i have checked that we got the signal as loop network ,so out target would be to get loop network in the network in network searching time. but keep in mind if u find the network although but after it u can get the 4G speed instead of you will get the 3G speed and all 4G jio plans and benefits only to access the free unlimited data only.

so friend your phone should have at least kitkat 4.4 and above version and hardware must be operated with MTK cpu. and the your mobile should be rooted. if your mobile is not rooted so please check my another post which is very helpful and very optional to choose How To Root Android Mobile for that click on the blue that how to root android phone it detailed you with step by step.

after rooting your phone and to use 4G sim in 3G phone..

first download the app from Google play and install the MTK engineering mode app in your phone click here to download

It will run and explore the phone with advanced setting and mode where you  can see the internal specification and if your phone is rooted so you can customize also this known as Service Mode also which we will do here .

open the installed MTK app

now open MTK setting and select the preferred network option.

now if everything is go perfectly as in my mobile Lenovo a1000 i used it will show the different network band from LTE , WCDMA, and gsm

here you have to choose 4G lte, wcdma, gsm Network option

now save and restart the phone.

once again friends rooting may harmful for your phone although there are many advantage also for the root your phone so i would suggest you please before do any kinds of risky trick must understand all the drawback and advantage, for understand this what is the advantage of root android phone and what is the disadvantage of root android phone booths details are available here .

tricks is not finished here if you failed to do this don’t worry don’t throw or hate your mobile, i will give you another simple tricks in my next blog.

till then, keep reading my blog and must like on my all social chennal if you will subscribe me on facebook, twitter, instagram you will receive many other useful tips and tricks which you will love sure.


thanks for the reading article



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