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Increase the Business with Instragram, SEO Strategy

Instagram ! millions of people use the social media platform for the conversation and some other porpose but have you even thought, what other benefits are there to use these platform and you can grow the business and efficiency to grab the opportunity which is far away from you. if we describe my self as today and few years back , my social connectivity was limited to only conversation with friends and relatives and some kill the hrs on online, but [...]


How to secure your computer from virus attack or laptop from Ransom-ware virus. Its free and 100% working.

Here are some helpful tips for securing computers: Patch Microsoft Windows automatically. Use strong passwords or pass phrases for all Windows user accounts on your PC. Use and properly maintain good anti-virus software, and optionally anti-spyware software. Use a firewall, such as Windows XP's built-in software firewall. Do not open suspicious email attachments or respond to suspicious requests. If you're not using it, disable the Windows File and Printer Sharing service. Disable any unneeded user accounts. Lock your PC's screen when you step away, and shut down [...]


How to secure your computer from virus attack or laptop from Ransomware virus. Its free and 100% working.

How to secure your computer...... Dear friends Now a day we all hearing about the new latest virus attack Ransom ware attack which is more scripted virus till now and this use the permission of you system and steal the important data from your computer and create it in a locked format. When you try to open it show in encrypted format and for that you must need the password to decry-pt the files. This encryption is more powerful and more secure formed and [...]