How to secure your computer from virus attack or laptop from Ransomware virus. Its free and 100% working.

How to secure your computer from virus attack or laptop from Ransomware virus. Its free and 100% working.

How to secure your computer......

Dear friends

Now a day we all hearing about the new latest virus attack Ransom ware attack which is more scripted virus till now and this use the permission of you system and steal the important data from your computer and create it in a locked format.

When you try to open it show in encrypted format and for that you must need the password to decry-pt the files.

This encryption is more powerful and more secure formed and any kinds of decryption tools you can't use in this.

So friends when once your computer got infected, it’s very hard to resolve in previous form. In some level you can resolve but it’s not a sure.

So my suggestion and advice is to all my viewers that please must follow some initially steps and keep in safe hands. Here I am pointing out what things you can do it’s like pre preparation for the contingency period.

  1. Try to use best quality antivirus in your computer or laptop.
  2. Create a backup file as you as possible before to connect to internet.
  3. Always use the firewalls in computer do not turn it off due to lake of speed.
  4. Instead of remove barricade like firewall and antivirus. Try to increase the hardware to find good speed.
  5. You can tune your computer to run fast by using system manager.
  6. Don't open the unauthenticated mails and never click unknown mails specially threat of account dismantle and lucky draw promo mails.
  7. Always try to use ssl website which indicate in starting sign of lock. Or https start with... if only start with http its unsecured sites however it’s Not sure that all sites start with http is virus spreading site.

Use the original OS in your computer and don't turn off its updates. Always keep up to date and these updates come from your OS developer.

so friends there are many antivirus software which all I am not talking about here paid software who provide total free antivirus although some are functions like dummy and some provide initial scanning but in free what I am also using this, if you want to download this you can get from CLICK HERE and use the free version antivirus. It’s lite and not slows your computer as well.


Thanks you guys and please don’t forget to this website to your friends and help and guide other also.


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